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I need to feel that


I need to feel that

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breed me


breed me

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Anonymous asked: You say you aren't a dyke but your biggest fantasy is being denied your husband's cock while he fucks other women and you service them afterwards Im just saying you may be in denial here


Nope, pretty sure I’m not a lesbian. I thought I was bisexual a while ago, but I think that was a bit of premature self-diagnosis. I have had sexual relations with other women, but my one true and only love is the cock. So, no. Not in denial and not a lesbian.

That reverse cuck fantasy is soooo hot!

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Tons of Amateur Porn!
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trickster728 asked: When I have a wife and we want a child on the night I plan to impregnate her I want an alpha black male to come in pull me out of my wife and fuck me in the ass I want my wife to look me in the eye as his big powerful cock makes me spill my cum meant for her womb on the floor Then once he has made a bitch laying in my cum I want him to stick his still hard cock in my wife until she cums looking into his eyes giving in to him while he fills her with his seed and leaves us to raise the child


Good man.

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If you believe that some foods should be banned but that being overweight should be celebrated, then you might be a liberal.

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More than anyone knows!

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